The Certification Process

All applicants to become Certified 4 Gateways Coaches must:

Be able to clearly describe 4 Gateways Coaching to a prospective client and how it might to useful to them.

Skillfully describe at least 9 of the beliefs and assumptions underlying this work.

Know the 4 gateways and be able to identify at least 4 qualities associated with each gateway.

Be able to set the container for a 4 Gateways Coaching session for yourself and a client.

Be able to ascertain a client’s issue, determine a direction, and lay out the major parts of the client’s issue.

Be able to lead a client skillfully through the first and second rounds of questions.

Be able to skillfully lead a client through the integration round, set accountable goals, and close a session.

Understand how to use the 4 Gateways as a self-coaching process and describe the limits of doing this.

Know the limits of your coaching skills and make referrals when necessary.

Know and agree to adhere to the International Coach Federation code of ethics. (See attached.)

Know the laws pertaining to coaching in the states in which you practice.

Provide 42 client case studies (via the forms found on pages 101-104 of the Guidebook or using your own form) from at least 7 different clients. [This amounts to approximately 2 sessions per week during the course of the Training.]

Have paid all fees in full (including any work-study trades.)

Have attended all Parts of the Training. (Or comparable hours arranged with Tom.)

Must not have missed more than 2 scheduled mentoring or tele-seminars during the Training period. (Or made arrangements to make up missed sessions.)

Be willing to update skills yearly and trade a 4 Gateways Coaching session with another certified coach at least twice each year to maintain certification.