4 Gateways Guidebook

4 Gateways Coaching
A Guidebook for Evoking Soul wisdom

By Tom Daly, Ph.D.

4 Gateways Coaching is a dynamic and easy-to-learn coaching method that uses all of your capacities for wisdom to create satisfying solutions.
The process begins by carefully defining an issue or conflict and then symbolically addressing that issue using your 4 Gateways to wisdom: thinking, feeling, being, and doing. You literally get “out of the box” and move around the issue by using four gateways to discover new perspectives, assess risks, find deeper connections, discover important meanings, and integrate workable solutions.
4 Gateways Coaching is a process that can be used in a wide variety of settings for a great variety of problems and conflicts both internal and external. This Guidebook gives you a powerful tool that can be used with a partner, with clients and business colleagues, and as path for personal awareness.

Guidebook plus full hour coaching session – $120.


The 100 page Guidebook for the Certification Training is available as a package with a one-hour coaching session.
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