Guiding Principles

Unique to 4 Gateways Coaching

All aspects of an issue are essential and belong to the system. Even parts of individuals or systems that are denied, hidden, and projected must be included to produce long lasting, healing resolutions.

Acceptance sets us free. When we can own our shadows, the alienated parts of ourselves, and respect them, we have the possibility of change and happiness.

Resolutions often come from unexpected directions. The Gateway we have least access to often becomes the best place to look for solutions.

Recurring, persistent issues and addictions are ways of keeping us connected to someone important in our lives.

All feelings, emotions, and body sensations are allies.

We attack and wound others out of our own woundedness. Real strength comes from knowing and honoring our wounds and then owning our projections.

Story, archetypes, and metaphor are food for the soul.


Copyright Tom Daly, Ph.D. 4 Gateways Guidebook, 2003, Chapter 2, pp. 13-15