4 Gateways Model

The 4 Gateways

A gateway is an entry or portal from one place to another.

The 4 Gateways in this model refer to four basic modes of accessing the wisdom of the human soul, at their simplest level they are:


Thinking, Feeling, Doing, Being

Using this model we can access all our innate wisdom and bring that to bear on any issue or change we want to make in life. When we honor all four gateways to wisdom, we get a much more complete and clear picture of ourselves and others. The more we know, the better decisions we make.


4 Archetypes

By Archetype, we mean a fundamental identity that exists in the collective human psyche and that is accessible to everyone. Archetypes are incredible storehouses of knowledge that help us access wisdom.

The 4 Gateways Coaching model uses four archetypes that embody the four wisdoms listed above.  They are-

Magician – thinking & reflecting

Lover – feeling & connecting

Warrior – doing & protecting

Sovereign – being & blessing


Attributes of the 4 Gateways

While there is no universal agreement about the precise qualities embodied in these four archetypes, here are some of the qualities that we can attribute to each.