Briefly stated, the 4 Gateways Model looks at the world from four different perspectives: thinking, doing, feeling, and being. When we honor all four of these ways to access wisdom, we get a much more complete and clear picture of ourselves and others. The more we know, the better choices we make.

Embracing these 4 Gateways to wisdom will help you learn to:

View any issue or problem, from the mundane to the global, as an opportunity to learn, find meaning and…

• Discover how all issues in your life serve you in some way.

• Trust the deeper wisdom that resides within you.

Step out of any limited perspective and…

• Develop a habit of seeing the “good vs. bad”, “right vs. wrong”, “can do vs. can’t do”, polarities as ways of keeping you “in the box.”

• Enhance your skills in using the 4 Archetypal Gateways to address any issue in your life.

Appreciate the marginalized, rejected, projected sides of your self and…

• Practice finding wisdom and resources in unexpected places, often within your so-called weaknesses and shortcomings.

• Honor diversity, apparent contradictions, and paradox in yourself and in others.

Understand the often invisible systemic architecture that connects all interactions and…

• Develop tools for seeing and thinking systemically.

• Discover the love that underlies all chronic and recurring issues.

Bring soul and meaning into all aspects of your personal and working life and

• Use that meaning to guide and inspire the changes you want to make.

• Understand how your unique gifts connect you directly to your service in the world.