Carol Downs

Carol nurtures an atmosphere of trust which allows her to confidently coach her clients in gaining more clarity and healing around issues of their life. Her practical approach puts clients at ease, which allows them to feel safe in their efforts to achieve these goals.

While using the 4 Gateways Coaching system in her personal work, Carol realized the importance and effectiveness of coaching to achieve results and change behaviors. Carol is passionate about offering that same opportunity to her clients.

“My ideal client is a woman in search of healing. My ideal client seeks to replace the negative voices in her head with positive affirmations. My ideal client is willing to take that first step to form a relationship of trust, knowing that whatever she reveals during the coaching process will remain between the client and the coach.”

Carol is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, and a friend. She openly shares her gifts of wisdom, compassion and an open heart, to coach her clients in a loving, safe and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Carol Downs