Brian Gast, Executive Coach

Brian Gast coaches high-performing executives in the areas of relationships and communication. Brian’s clients are at the senior level of mid-size and large companies. Brian’s clients have strong business and managerial skills. They are seeking to develop greater self-mastery and understanding as well as deeper connections with a diverse group of people. This development is a path to increase their leadership effectiveness and enjoyment in life.

Brian works one-on-one as well as with teams in the office and in retreat settings. Brian applies his 4 Gateways training and the model to help leaders approach issues from a broader and more holistic perspective.

Brian has extensive training in Shadowwork processing, NLP, Voice Dialogue and other coaching modalities. Prior to launching his coaching practice in 2001 Brian was a CEO of several national telecommunication services companies.

Brian loves being outside and music and has been an avid Zen student for many years. He lives in Littleton with his wife of 18 years and two children.