Beth Sturges, M.A., LPC

Beth Sturges has over 17 years of experience working as a licensed professional counselor with individuals, families and various groups. Beth received her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family from the Adler Institute of Psychology in Chicago. She has received further training in various energy psychology modalities. She is certified as an EMDR practitioner and has completed EFT trainings I and II.

Beth has also received advanced training in the areas of Spiritual Formation (from a Judeo-Christian worldview), Health and Wellness Coaching as well as Leadership Skill Training with an experiential approach from the Wright Institute in Chicago. She is certified as a 4 Gateways Coach.

Beth’s true life spirit: The true spirit of my work is to help people remove the blocks that prohibit them from discovering their passions and distinct voice in the world.

Entering into a therapeutic relationship is a unique opportunity to experience the legitimate needs that we all have, to be heard, understood and to be seen for the amazing people that we are.

In an attempt to better assist myself and my clients to have more intentional and productive lives, I have sought out training in various modalities. The 4 Gateways Coaching training has helped me as a therapist to encourage my clients in having a gentler relationship with themselves.

In the spirit of forgiveness and acceptance, clients can better see their patterns of coping and the defensive strategies that have prevented them from moving forward. Having a place to look at the importance of connection and disconnection with others, and the influence it has had on their lives, is the beginning of uncovering some of the root causes of being stuck.

The dynamic risk assessment questions that are a critical aspect of the 4 gateways approach often are not enough to motivate some clients who have deep wounds from their past. I believe that traumas, especially from early childhood, can throw the mind and body out of balance.

Energy therapies such as EMDR ( and EFT ( have the potential to eliminate the blocks that affect our emotions and our physical and spiritual wellbeing. The release and shifting of our emotions opens up the motivation to change our long-held internal beliefs, which make up the underlying operating system that determines our choices and behavior. Such therapies, combined with the therapeutic relationship, open up the door to deeper levels of healing and self-awareness.

It takes a great deal of courage to enter into a helping relationship with another individual. My ideal clients are those who are open to establishing a trusting relationship with themselves, with God, and with me and others.

My ideal clients have the courage and tenacity to want to become better functioning people with a desire to have a positive impact on their world. My ideal clients need not demonstrate healthy boundaries or be equipped to deal with the problems of every day life, but would have the willingness to learn and grow, make mistakes during the process and persist with integrity throughout.

My ideal clients are willing to learn to see projections onto other people and situations as a way of understanding themselves. My ideal clients work to achieve total self-acceptance and to live into their vision. My ideal clients come to realize the God-given potential found in us all.